Transactional SMS Transactional SMS service is approved for Financial Institutions ONLY. It delivers transactional alert SMS to both DND and NON-DND numbers. Promotional SMS will not be delivered on this route…Learn more


Bulk SMS

From customer communication to promotional messages to general information, our Bulk SMS platform is highly optimized to meet the various needs of our enterprise customers. It is equipped with creative tools and features that allow clients to derive maximum value from Bulk SMS. Advanced reporting and campaign optimization features translate into time and cost savings for our clients…Learn more



For your transactional alerts or mission critical messages, our robust HTTP API is designed to give you smooth integration and perfect connectivity all the time. Our HTTP API is simplified to reduce integration time to less than hour…Learn more



USSD is standard GSM technology supported by all GSM handsets. It is session-based and supports longer message content up to 182 alphanumeric characters in length. Secure and cost-effective, sessions can be initiated by both end-users and enterprises. The connection remains open,…Learn more


  • HTTP API 95%
  • Bulk SMS 98%
  • Transactional SMS 97%
  • USSD 85%
  • Customer Support 90%